Network Security

Network Security (you can ignore this section)


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Network Policies

K8s have a flat networking model, which means that all pods can communicate with each other. To prevent this, we can use network policies. Network policies are like firewall rules that allow or deny traffic to pods. Network policies are applied to pods using labels. This can be used to block incoming and outgoing traffic.

Outgoing traffic is referred to as egress and incoming traffic is referred to as ingress, which should not be confused with the ingress resource.

For example, the below network policy will only allow traffic to pods labeled app: apod-api from pods labeled app: apod-web:

kind: NetworkPolicy
 name: apod-api
 podSelector:             # This is the Pod where the rule applies.
     app: apod-api       
 ingress:                 # Rules default to deny, so this rule
 - from:                  # denies all ingress except where the 
   - podSelector:         # source of the traffic is a Pod with 
       matchLabels:       # the apod-web label.
         app: apod-web
   ports:                 # This restriction is by port.
   - port: api            # The port is named in the API Pod spec.

However this doesn’t do anything! Just like you need an ingress controller, you need something in your cluster’s networking system to enforce this. This involves installing various plugins, which your DevOps team should be doing. Furthermore, different cloud platforms make this easier or harder.