Notes on K8s from the perspective of data science tools
Title Description
Basics K8s fundamentals
Secrets How to handle secrets in K8s
Storage Notes on pod storage
Scaling How to horizontally scale resources
StatefulSet A special kind of controller for Pods
Jobs & CronJobs Ad-hoc and scheduled workloads
Rollouts The mechanics of what happens when you update a…
Helm Helm Charts
Multi-Container Pods Notes on multi-container pods
Developer tips Tips on working with Kubernetes.
Pod restart vs. replacement What’s the difference b/w a restart and a…
Probes Understand readiness and liveness probes, and…
Requesting resources How to request resources for your workloads
Resource Limits Protect your apps with resource limits.
Logging Logging with the EFK stack
Monitoring Monitoring with Prometheus
Ingress Routing beyond services
Cluster Components A list of terms used in the context of a K8s…
Security Security In K8s
Workload Placement How to control which nodes run your workloads
Auto Scaling Automatic horizontal scaling
Preemption Protecting resources with preemption and…
Random TILs Misc notes about K8s
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