📚 Hamel’s Notes

This is a place where I share some of my notes. If you find an error, please submit a pull request. You can also get in touch with me here.

Title Description
CUDA Version Management Managing CUDA versions
Docker Notes from the book Docker In Action
GitHub Actions Notes on working with GitHub Actions
How to learn Notes from the course “Learning How To Learn”
Jupyter various Jupyter tricks
K8s Notes on K8s from the perspective of data…
LLMs Notes on LLMs
Linux Notes on Linux
ML Serving ML serving is about optimization & portability
Prompt engineering Prompt engineering notes
Python Concurrency Understand the world of Python concurrency…
Quarto Quarto tips
Video Editing Notes on video editing software
Web Scraping Notes on web scraping
dbt dbt basics: models, tests and docs
fastai fastai notes
pandoc filters Notes on pandoc filters for use in Quarto
programming languages Notes from PL class (SML, Racket, Ruby)
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